On the Issues

Fighting for Idaho Farmers

As a family farmer and beef producer I know the issues that are critical to families that make a living from the land and the importance of protecting Idaho’s water. I’m proud to receive a 100% rating from the American Farm Bureau and to receive the Friend of Agriculture Award for years of dedicated support to Idaho farmers.

Developing a Better Heath Care System

Every American should have access to basic and affordable health care, including coverage for preexisting conditions. We should be able to choose own doctors and health care plans, and they should be provided by the private sector whenever possible. In a rural state like Idaho, telehealth is critical to getting quality care to our seniors and families. I strongly support the changes we have made to improve and expand these services, including waiving restrictions on the use of telehealth by Medicaid and Medicare.

Fiscal Responsibility

As governmental spending continues to surge, taxpayers need strong advocates in Congress more than ever. I have spent my career cutting taxes for Idaho families and businesses.  As Idaho’s Governor I put an end to sky rocketing property tax bills that were forcing middle income families and the elderly from their homes, reducing property taxes by 20%. As Senator, I helped implement the tax cuts and economic policies that brought our economy to record growth and prosperity. My record has earned a 95% rating with the National Tax-Limitation Committee, a 92% from the Citizens against Government Waste and a B+ from the National Taxpayers Union.

Protecting Our Land the Idaho Way

Idaho’s public lands are some of the most pristine and scenic in the United States.  One of my greatest accomplishments as Governor was to protect our roadless land with a collaborative plan designed by Idahoans that protected the interests of recreationalists and preservationists.  I am committed to keeping Idaho and America the great place it is for generations to come.  

Supporting Law Enforcement

I began my career as a prosecuting attorney in Idaho and saw first-hand the dedication of our law enforcement officers. These individuals put their personal safety on the line every day to protect our communities from harm. Their function in our society is irreplaceable. Demands to abolish or defund the police are an insult to the hundreds of thousands of officers doing the tough work necessary to protect the innocent from violence and mistreatment. 

Second Amendment

Our Founding Fathers understood the importance of the right to keep and bear arms and I am a committed supporter of that right. As a lifelong conservative and proud Idahoan, I’ve led the fight to protect these freedoms and our way of life from the radical far-left.  The National Rifle Association has endorsed my race for the U.S. Senate and given my voting record an A rating. As a hunter and gun owner, I’ll always stand proudly to defend and protect Idahoans 2nd Amendment rights.

Small Business

As a small business owner and former Chairman of the Small Business Committee, I am passionate about this issue. A big part of our government’s responsibility is to protect an individual’s rights to engage in commerce. Other than providing a fair playing field and protecting consumers, the best thing our government can do for small businesses is to get out of the way. 

We must keep small business open and return our economy to the unprecedented growth prior to the pandemic. Tax cuts, smart deregulation, and establishing more favorable trade deals helped us build the strongest economy with the lowest unemployment on record. I am committed to fighting for these principles and for small businesses across Idaho.